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NZBT’s Credit Management Service is designed to ensure that we add value to your business.

The largest issue for business and the most common factor in business failure is lack of cashflow. Businesses must manage the issues created by lack of cashflow. One of the best ways to achieve this is to have effective Credit Management policies and procedures in place, this is where the team at NZBT an help.

Our service starts with a free consultation with one of our trained regional managers who will visit your business. By visiting your business they are better able to understand what systems you currently have in place and how you utilise them, from both a proactive and reactive perspective.

The most important policies that form the basis of Credit Management are an internal Credit Policy and most importantly a robust Terms of Trade. Aligned with these policies are a range of procedures that we want to see being utilised, to ensure that you are providing the maximum protection for your business and to safeguard your business for the future.


At NZBT we believe that utilising the PPSA and making yourself a secured creditor with your clients is a key tool in your Credit Management toolbox. If you are unsure what this means and how it can help your business, let us explain the advantages and benefits this offers. This is vital for your business.

What it all means

Credit Management is all about protecting your business and getting paid. Research has shown that businesses using the correct documentation  with effective Credit Policies and Procedures in place, experience fewer disputes and reduced levels of bad debts with both consumer and commercial clients. 

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“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

– Amelia Earhart


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