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When you are about to embark on a new client relationship in business it is essential that businesses have access to the right kind of credit information, to give them the data they need to make more informed business decisions. It really is about that visibility of credit information on your prospective clients. NZBT work with both CreditWorks and Equifax to ensure that you can get access to a comprehensive range of commercial and consumer information, with a singular point of contact solution.

By accessing this type of credit information at the outset of your new business relationships you are able- to professionally analyse any adverse information that may be contained within any Credit Check. These negative credit events that may be contained within a Credit Check report can include Payment Defaults, Public Notices, Court Judgements and Collection Actions. This information effectively gives you a very clear picture of your potential clients and whether they have a negative track record, which would make choosing to trade with them a high- risk strategy for your business.

Without this information you are effectively proceeding blindfolded, not an advisable way to manage your business in this economic climate.

Because all of the credit information is updated on a daily basis, ongoing monitoring of your client’s credit behaviours, would allow you to see changes in those behaviours which could alter the risk management profiles you may attach to your existing clients.

Literally, this means that if a negative credit event befalls one of your clients, NZBT will alert you to that fact, within 24 hours of the event taking place. More importantly, you will be alerted to this fact ahead of businesses that do not undertake similar monitoring of their clients, giving you a head start over your competitors to getting your outstanding monies……paid.

Onward monitoring of your client’s credit status and situation, is a sensible and effective way of safeguarding your business against credit shocks to come. The credit information available is enormous, take advantage of it, to allow your business to make better credit related decisions about your clients.

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“Because business relationships shouldn’t start as blind dates.”

– Stephen Conti – Relationship Manager

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