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The Privacy Act 2020 -1 week to go

A new privacy act means you need to act on 1 December 2020, New Zealand's updated Privacy Act comes into force.  Here's what you need to know to prepare for the changes. The world in 2020 is almost unrecognisable when compared to 1993 when the first Privacy Act...

Privacy Breach Reporting Tool

Office of the Privacy Commissioner launches privacy breach reporting tool 19 Oct 2020, 09:00 The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) has today launched NotifyUs—a new online tool enabling businesses and organisations to easily assess whether a privacy breach...

13 Privacy Principles –

We were just seeking clarification today from the Privacy Commission about the 13 Privacy Principles as per the Privacy Act 2020. Currently it is still unclear for many of our clients how many Principles there actually are on the Privacy Commission website as they...

Privacy 2020 – FAQ

FAQ - Compiled from feedback at our recent presentations. What counts as “serious harm”? Things to consider when deciding if there is serious harm include: the action you took to reduce the risk of harm following the breachwhether the personal information is...

Privacy Act 2020 – Top Tips If you’ve been following the Privacy Commissioner’s announcements, you may know the Privacy Act 2020 has finally made its way through Parliament and will come...

Privacy Podcast 6 and notes

Reimagining privacy or Privacy 2.0 The Office of the PC – how are they dealing with this? Privacy 2.0 is about taking the opportunity for a reboot and assess the...

Privacy Podcast 5 and notes

The new IPP 12 Focus: the new globalised digital data economy Recognising the free flow of data – trade talks, international economic conversations, etc, but with some limits on...

Privacy Podcast 4 and notes

Compliance and Enforcement Under the 1993 Act, the failure by agencies to take their obligations seriously has seen complaints take the centre. An individual makes a...

Privacy Podcast 3 and notes

Access Directions Principle 6 of the Privacy Act: the right of an individual to request access to their own personal information Important consumer right that is still at the heart...


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